Your Go-to beauty pro ~ Unleash your inner glow


Named after her two young children, Sam & Maddy Makeup provides both products and services with a purpose. We are on a mission to change the way women look at makeup. We want women to know that makeup doesn’t need to be intimidating and complicated, rather, it can be quick and easy and they can still look like themselves. Sam & Maddy makeup is known for two signature looks: “flawless outer glow” and “flushed yoga glow” used to mimic your skins natural appearance while adding a healthy glow.

We partner with all types of existing business for events, services, and workshops. Sam & Maddy makeup is stepping out by going into the work place, offering another tool to help you put your best foot forward. Sam and Maddy Makeup knows the perfect way to build confidence and unleash a women’s beauty from the inside out so you're ready to take on the day.


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Having worked for some of the world’s most prestigious cosmetic brands and applied makeup all over the globe. Jen’s down-to-earth personality, positive energy, and passion for empowering women is contagious.  She is intuitively able to recognize the unique beauty within each woman and draw it out.

Arming her clients with a few easy to master techniques, Jen is stepping out and encouraging women to put themselves first and glow across the nation.

Inspired by the raw beauty of each client, her company Sam and Maddy Makeup, is focused on building a community of strong, passionate women who support each other. Jen connects with women in a deep meaningful way because her focus isn’t about just making them look beautiful, it’s about unleashing their inner GLOW.