sam & Maddy makeup and

the special "FOUNDATION cocktail" technique

Jen Gaum Bobker, owner/founder of 'Sam & Maddy Makeup,' started her cosmetic career as a NYC makeup artist working with many of the world's most prestigious and sophisticated cosmetic lines.  In 2013, after 20+ years of helping women to look their best, Jen created her own company, 'Sam & Maddy Makeup' (named after her two young children).  'Sam & Maddy Makeup' was designed with a clear vision of whom its client would be; the everyday woman who doesn't have a lot of time but wants to look and feel her best.  With that goal in mind, 'Sam & Maddy Makeup' formulated a limited yet perfectly edited, set of color palettes, products and tools, to brighten skin naturally and give women a fresh, healthy glow.  It complements and enhances natural features, helping women to look like themselves and eliminate a heavy unnatural appearance. 

Jen is known for her special "FOUNDATION COCKTAIL" technique of blending specific products, that creates glow, texture and radiance.  In conjunction with her "FOUNDATION COCKTAIL" technique, she supports a holistic approach to healthy living, including proper nutrition and daily exercise.  She believes women who wear makeup are happier, more self confident and are more successful.  Jen encourages all women to incorporate 'Sam & Maddy Makeup' as an integral ingredient of their daily routine.  It will help you feel energized, motivated and ready to face your day, whatever it may hold!