Inner glow services

"When you make the investment and put effort in yourself both mentally and physically,

you are taking ownership of your life and that's when - Magic Happens"

Reclaim your self worth, learn to believe in yourself, and celebrate your           

inner beauty.

Throughout my makeup career, I have noticed that so many women are critical of themselves, lack self worth, are self-doubting and self-sabotaging, do not think they are deserving or worthy, constantly feel guilty, and think they are not good enough. They are afraid of change and won't step out of their comfort zone or challenge their current situation. They stay complacent and live in mediocracy.

Beauty always starts on the inside.  from my experience very few women are as happy as they should be, but are not doing anything about it. 

Women forget how amazing they really are and it's stopping them from UNLEASHING their inner glow!.

Instead we live in denial, make excuses, and justify. We give to others instead of ourselves and are over accommodating. We are not assertive and we stay passive instead of standing up for ourselves.  And we keep ourselves living small or allow others to make us feel that way, instead of giving ourselves the permission to live the life we deserve.

 Our biggest enemy is fear and it's holding us back from making these changes.

It's keeping us from stepping out of situations that don't work, making a major life change, breaking negative patterns, and becoming more independent.  It prevents us from staying motivated and focused to do what we have to do.  And when something major and unexpected is thrown our way that we aren't prepared for - fear can paralyze us. It stops us from trusting and believing that we are in fact resilient, have the tools and strength to do hard things and can get through any situation.

To move forward and to UNLEASH our inner glow we need to work hard to find our inner strength, change our thoughts & patterns, and learn to believe & trust ourselves that we can in fact accomplish anything.

  One thing I know for sure - the power and magic of female friendships!

Imagine having continued support from a strong woman (me) who believes in you (and gets you to believe in yourself), who empowers, encourages and motivates you and constantly reminds you of the warrior that you really are - it allows you to be unstoppable. 

Let me remind you that you are powerful - capable - important and deserving and that you really can do anything.



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Introducing Inner Glow Services

I have been motivating, encouraging, and inspiring my friends naturally for years - as well as the women who sit in my chair for makeup. I genuinely enjoy the company of other women and love to see them shine.

They constantly tell me they feel more powerful, stronger and motivated after spending time with me.

And now many of my makeup clients have been asking me for more of the positive motivation I give them when I am doing their makeup. They want more focus to be spent on their “inner glow”.

Which is now why we offer our Inner Glow services. To help as many women as possible get the encouragement and support that is necessary in making the changes to help them to live their best life.

It’s like having that best friend with you to give you the extra strength and courage to bring out your authentic inner glow.

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A one on one Inner Glow session with Jen can help shift your thoughts and remove what’s blocking you so you can finally believe in yourself and start living the life you are supposed to be living.

$250 per Hour

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Have a one on one session with Jen- from anywhere in the world!

I will change your anxiety into excitement, turn your negatives into positives, and your fear of failure into success.

Contact to discuss options & pricing.

$125 Half Hour Session or

$250 per Hour

Session Length:
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I believe in the power of manifesting & have been making personalized manifestations for my friends to help in all sorts of areas. 

The results are always powerful.  

After a one on one session, (amount of sessions may very) I will personalize  manifestations for you. We can do as many as you want, as they are all unique depending on the focus. 

$200 Each

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Group rates

If you are interested in an Inner Glow session for a group or party please submit an inquiry through contact page. 

We can also combine with makeup services

Rates will vary on group size and travel.